The Best Way Keep Warm This Winter

With winter right around the corner, take every step to ensure your family can stay warm. Do not rely on only blankets or space heaters to keep you comfortable. Inspect areas of your home where you may be losing heat. Here are some winter heating pointers to help your home.

You may have fallen victim to being asked, “Were you raised in a barn?” Even with shutting all the doors and windows, you still might feel a draft coming through the cracks. The Department of Energy also suggests visibly inspecting certain parts of your house, such as electric outlets, baseboards, and attic hatches for gaps that could cause air leaks.

Usually, these leaks, as well as those around doors and windows, can be sealed by caulking or weatherstripping. Another consideration is upgrading your old doors or windows to newer, high-performance ones.

A fireplace doesn’t just add heat to your home, but it can lower energy costs and gives you a cozy place to escape from the cold. Before using it this season, make sure the chimney is cleaned. Otherwise, it could release carbon monoxide into the house. Also, have the flue closed when not in use so cold air doesn’t not sneak in.

Your furnace should be ready for the winter already, but you should still be replacing the air filter monthly. This will allow proper air flow through your home, as well as circulating clean air back into each room.

One lesser-known issue you may not be aware of is restricting that air flow from coming out of your vents. Keep the area around your vents clear, and do not let drapes, furniture, or other home decor block your heating vents.

By following these tips, staying warm this winter should be no problem at all. However, the unexpected can still strike. When that happens, call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing at (616) 293-9326, and let our professionals handle any heating issue you may have. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.