Your Bathroom Needs to Have an Exhaust Fan

Ever step out of the shower and see how much your mirror has fogged up? When you take steamy showers, the moisture in the room has nowhere to go. The moisture sticks around in the air, to the walls, and the mirror. You can cut back on the moisture in your bathroom, and other airborne contaminants when you install a bathroom exhaust fan.

Without an exhaust fan in the bathroom, the excessive moisture can cause significant damage. That extra moisture can cause paint and wallpaper to peel, and can even warp doors or other wood. However, the most dangerous facet of too much humidity is that it is the ideal place for mold to grow. Mold can accumulate rapidly in moist or humid areas, and it cannot always be seen, which can cause illness to you or your family.

With the right exhaust fan, moisture levels will be reduced drastically, cutting back on the likelihood of mold. And moisture levels are not the only thing that exhaust fans can cut down.

Airborne contaminants from chemical cleaners (and even mold spores!) can be pulled from the confined space by your exhaust fan. Cleaning supplies also leave behind unwanted smells, and having an exhaust fan will help control unpleasant odors.

Today’s exhaust fans can come with bonus features that an average fan would not have, such as lights, heat lamps, and humidity sensors. The fan can be set so that once the level of moisture in the air has decreased, the fan will automatically shut itself off. You may also install exhaust fans with timer switches, which can also help reduce the chance of mold growing in your home.

Already have a fan in your bathroom, but it doesn’t seem to be as strong as it once was? Well, the easiest fix is to check how much dust has accumulated on the fan. Clean a dusty fan as soon as possible. One sign that your fan is not as efficient as it once was is if you notice more fog on your mirror. You can test its strength by holding a piece of toilet paper up to the fan.

Choosing the correct exhaust fan for your bathroom requires little science, and the right fan for your home is dependant on the size of the space. The professionals at Sunrise Heating and Plumbing can help pick and install the perfect exhaust fan for your home.

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