Plumbing Problems You Might Face This Summer

When the summer heat gets you fired up, you might like to cool down in the pool, running through the sprinkler, or by taking a cold shower. Yes, water is great at helping us cool off, but we still need to be careful about all that water in and around our home. Here are the summer plumbing problems that all homeowners should look out for.

Since we have already mentioned the sprinkler, know that they are not indestructible. If your lawn has a sprinkler system installed, then they might be at risk of being damaged by the lawnmower, or the wear and tear of age compromise its integrity. Before you turn them on for the season, check each sprinkler head and make sure they are all in good condition.

If there is a bigger problem with your sprinkler system, further below the sprinkler heads, then there is a risk for flooding. Damaged sprinkler systems can run a lot of water in areas you don’t want it, and that water could find its way into your home’s basement. 

Heavy rains also put your basement at risk for a flood. If you haven’t already, clear out your gutters and downspouts, and make sure you can redirect that water away from your house. Also, use your sump pump to avoid backups.

The great weather means great food on the grill. Too much food means leftovers, and scraps might find their way down into your kitchen sink. A clogged garbage disposal can happen in any season, but it is at a higher risk in the summer. Grease from the grill, or even fruit pits, can clog your disposal, preventing it from properly functioning.

The summer is also a welcoming season for many outdoor activities. Staying active means more laundry, and more laundry means running your washing machine often. Check the hoses behind the machine for leaks and stay home when you run the washing machine in case any trouble arises. Try to stick with smaller loads to reduce the chance of a problem occurring. 

Being active also leads to more showers. Coming back from the beach can track sand, dirt or pebbles into your shower drain and hair. A drain guard can help prevent much of that from clogging your pipes, but keep an eye on how well the water drains before the issue gets worse.

Avoid many of these summer plumbing problems with the right preparation, but we understand that emergencies can arise. 

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