Be Smart With Your Heating and Cooling This Spring

The springtime is an odd transitory phase for both the weather and your indoor heating and cooling. It can still be too cool out to run your air conditioner, but also just warming up enough that you do not want to run your heater. While this is a minor problem to have, you can take advantage of this time to make sure your heating and cooling is well prepped for this spring and beyond.

Before needing to rely on your air conditioning, spring is the perfect time to perform some maintenance work on your HVAC system. With a good tune-up by a professional technician, you won’t get just a properly functioning system, but you will also get peace of mind.

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling will help improve the efficiency of your system. That will help keep your energy bills low not just when your AC is running, but also when you need that heat in the winter. We also consider it preventative maintenance. Spending the time and money now will save you from experiencing an emergency later on, which will cost much more.

These inspections on your equipment are to make sure everything is in prime condition. Maintaining that condition will improve the lifetime of your HVAC system and its components, and will also cut back on the possibility of needing repairs or replacements.

It may be too soon for you to worry about the setting on your thermostats, but before you have your cooling kick in, know some tips that can help delay the dependency on air conditioning. First, take advantage of the natural temperatures by opening your windows overnight and allowing the cool night air into your home, and then close them in the morning before the air conditioning needs to turn on.

When you need to cool only a single room and not the entire house, try to rely on ceiling fans. But keep in mind, fans cool people, not rooms, so turn them off if you will not be around. You can also keep the temperatures down by closing the curtains to block out the sun.

Last, one step you should not overlook is to replace your air filters. Clean filters allow for better airflow throughout your home, and for those with allergies, a clean air filter will do a much better job at catching dust and allergens in the air.

Before you know it, spring will become summer, and we will put your air conditioning to work. Make sure your HVAC system is up to the task and call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing today at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.