Why is My Washing Machine Not Draining?

It’s a weekly chore that you sometimes cannot find the motivation to finish — doing the laundry. You have some articles of clothing that require specific care or dress shirts you don’t want wrinkled. A simple load from the washer to the dryer. But what if that simple load feels both heavier and wetter than normal? That could be an issue when your washing machine won’t drain.

There are two reasons your washing machine may not be draining. The first might be that the water is not draining out of the washing machine itself, and the other is if the water leaves the machine, but cannot flow properly through the drain pipes. Diagnosing the issue can be tricky, but you need not call a technician yet.

When the washing machine does not drain, there may be a clog in the drain tube. The simplest solution is to remove this and check it for debris. If there is something blocking the path, you can remove the stoppage. If the path is clear, then the pump is more likely to be the culprit. It uses the pump to push the water out from the washer and through the drain line, then into the drain system in your home.

If you see water coming out of the washer, then you may have an issue with the drainage system. When water is not properly flowing out of the drain, it will back up and overflow into the washing machine. This situation calls for a cleaning of the drain pipes so that the water can flow as intended.

However, if water drains out of the washer and does still go down the drain, then backs up after some time, the clog could be further down. In this situation, you will need to call a professional to fix the situation, and that professional should be a qualified technician from Sunrise Heating and Plumbing.

You know that when your washing machine shuts down, it can shut down your entire routine. Get your appliance back up and running properly with a call to Sunrise Heating & Plumbing at (616) 293-9326. By providing exceptional customer service, our highly trained and experienced staff can handle any problem.