Optimal Thermostat Settings For Your Home

Each home has a “sweet spot” when it comes to comfort. Setting the right temperature doesn’t have to be a science, but your family will be grateful when your house is cool, but not too cool, and warm, but not too warm. Finding the optimal thermostat settings for your home won’t just make it feel more comfortable, but it will also save on your energy bill.

When the weather is not out, of course you will want to bring in the fresh air by opening the windows. But you know this isn’t the case for all 12 months of the year. In the peak of summer, you want to crank the air conditioner way up. And in the winter, that furnace will kick nearly non-stop. Sure, it will feel nice, but try giving them both a break.

During the nights, you don’t need to run your HVAC system at its maximum capacity. Same goes for when you and your family leave the house. Use those times to help conserve energy by adjusting your thermostat. We make this easier if your home has a programmable thermostat that automatically runs when it needs to, and can adapt to your needs.

Coming home to a pre-cooled house is great, but by raising the temperature indoors by seven degrees can save up to 10 percent on your cooling bill. During the winter, you can also lower your home’s temperature at nighttime and see the same savings.

This perfect temperature zone won’t just come to you immediately. Experiment with your thermostat’s settings until you find the range that your family can comfortably tolerate. After that, look at your past and current energy bills to see when you end up spending more. If it’s the summer where you see the biggest spikes, try to raise the temperature just a few degrees, and you could save money on the next bill.

There are other ways that you can use to stay comfortable without having to rely so heavily on your HVAC system. In the summer, smartly use fans, keep the blinds closed, and wear light clothing. In the winter, dress in layers, keep the doors closed, and use blankets.

Finding the optimal thermostat setting won’t come immediately, but when you do hit that sweet spot, your family and your wallet will be thankful. For more information on heating and cooling your home, call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.