Let a Professional Plumber Help Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a part of your home rarely goes deeper than the surface, but in a bathroom remodel, it is almost necessary. Remodeling your bathroom should be more than just replacing some tiling and upgrading the fixtures, but you need to consider what’s going on behind the walls.

The pipes and plumbing in your bathroom are extremely important to your everyday life, even though you cannot see them. Regardless of how much remodeling you are doing, or the size of the space, there are many benefits to replacing the plumbing during this home improvement project.

A large benefit to replacing those pipes goes well beyond peace of mind. Do you really know what is going on back there, or how it looks? In older homes the pipes will be older, too. There might be some corrosion, or other wear and tear, that not only affects your water usage but also your water efficiency. If there are any leaks, there might also be unseen water damage.

Many times when planning a remodel, homeowners are restricted by the space they have or the current layout of utilities. Having to work around the existing pipes limits your choices and freedom in designs. By rearranging the pipes or changing the plumbing entirely, you can do almost anything you want with that space.

Before moving forward with your plans to remodel the bathroom, your first step should be to contact a professional plumber. You can get recommendations from a plumber on nearly all of your options, and to see if it really is necessary that you replace your plumbing during a remodel. While the plumber can’t help you pick the best cabinets or vanity, the advice you receive can be invaluable for future plans.

When you think it’s time to make better use of your bathroom, let the professionals at Sunrise Heating and Plumbing help you take that first step toward a bathroom remodel. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service, so call us today at (616) 293-9326.