Inexpensive Furnace Tune-ups from Sunrise

The condition of your furnace is important for many reasons. The first being that you want your home to feel warm and comfortable throughout the cooler seasons. Another reason is that you want it to run as efficiently as possible, keeping your utility bills down. Sunrise Heating and Plumbing understands this importance, which is why we are offering $89 furnace tune-ups through the end of November.

Many homeowners try to schedule their regular maintenance early in, or even before, fall. This will help identify any additional problems and get them fixed before they run their furnace every day for next couple months. If you are afraid that it’s too late for a tune-up, don’t worry, there is still time before the coldest days arrive.

Getting your furnace looked at early on will do wonders for your heating system. As the efficiency increases, your home will not only heat faster and more evenly, but the monthly costs will decrease. Keeping your furnace in great condition will also increase its lifespan, delaying needs for emergency repairs or the eventual replacement.

There is no bad time for scheduling a furnace checkup. That it is receiving any attention is better than letting it go another year without a professional inspection. Every year early in the fall is one of the best times for regular maintenance, but having your unit looked at in the middle of winter, or even in the middle of summer, is better than not having it maintained at all.

Sunrise Heating and Plumbing knows what is important for you and your family this winter, and keeping them safe, warm and comfortable is high on our list. To schedule your $89 furnace tune-up, call the professionals at Sunrise Heating and Plumbing today at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.