The Homeowner’s Winter Plumbing Checklist

People are forgetful. Did you turn all the lights off? Did you remember to buy eggs? Did you take out the trash? Not everything has a high level of importance, but in taking good care of your home, you can’t afford to be forgetful. That is why you need a checklist for your winter plumbing projects.

The changing of the seasons always bring with them a to-do list of things for in and around the house. As winter approaches, there are certain things that need special attention, including your house’s plumbing. Keeping on top of things here will bring many benefits, and will decrease the chance of a winter plumbing emergency.

Some of the most common problems with plumbing during the colder months involve neglect. Drains can clog, the plumbing can leak, and the pipes can even freeze. You better hope that you took care of your outdoor issues at the end of fall, too. If not, here are a couple reminders for checking off some important things to monitor this winter.

Outside, you will want to be sure you have disconnected your garden hoses and stored them for the winter. Be sure that your gutters are cleared out as well. In both situations, if water has the chance to freeze, it can lead to some pretty severe damage.

Look at your water heater. If you had lowered the temperature for the summer, turn it back up so you don’t fall short of that much needed warm water. If you have an aging water heater, flush it out to clear away any sediment. An efficient water heater is more than just a comfort, it can help with your energy bill.

Frozen pipes are a major concern in cold climates. When water freezes, it expands, and that expansion puts pressure on your plumbing. When a pipe freezes and cracks, it can lead to either a small leak or an extensive flood. Neither situation is ideal, and you can avoid both. Close off any gaps or cracks in the foundation to prevent cold air from getting in, and you can also insulate your pipes to add another layer between colder areas and the running water within.

Your sump pump should be a focus as well. If the sump pump fails, it could lead to flooding in the basement which will damage not only your belongings but also the foundation of the home. That sump pump will want to keep water moving to not allow it to freeze. 

Making a list of things to be aware of each winter will help keep your home’s plumbing working as intended. For more help in creating your home’s winter plumbing checklist, call the professionals at Sunrise Heating and Plumbing today at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.