Heating and Cooling Costs in America

As you might expect, not all homes go about heating or cooling the same way. Just as you might differ slightly from your neighbor, you could also see a big change in how it’s done across the country. It isn’t just the temperatures that change, but also the costs.

Heating and cooling costs in America mostly depend on the region’s climate. For instance, The US Energy Information Administration found that because the weather in Michigan and the Midwest is cooler than other areas in the United States, the cost for space heating is greater than the US average. Conversely, air conditioning makes up only 1 percent of energy use.

The EIA also noted that 78 percent of Michigan residents rely on natural gas for heating, compared to the US average of roughly 50 percent. A smaller amount of Michiganders use electricity for heating at 6 percent, against the national average of nearly 25 percent.

Nationally, heating and cooling costs account for 48 percent of a typical home’s energy use. Those families will pay close to $2,200 per year on energy. Again, these are national averages, and those costs will vary from coast to coast.

You might find it surprising that the state that spends the most on its utilities has a monthly average more than twice that of the state with the lowest expenditures. Hawaiians will pay $731 per month on heating and cooling (more likely, it’s the cooling), whereas those in Idaho spend just $344 per month.

While where you live in America will affect what you do with your home’s heating and cooling, the house you live in will also have an affect. The bigger your home is, the bigger your utility bill is. A Michigan home averages 1,954 square feet, which is on par for the national average of 1,971 square feet.

The age of your home matters, too. Nearly a third of all homes in Michigan were constructed before 1950, which is twice the percentage of the national ratio. Older homes might have older HVAC systems, or may not be as well insulated, therefore they will not be as efficient as newer constructions.

Naturally, energy costs will be different in California and New York, but homeowners there know how to heat and cool their houses efficiently in their respective climates. To learn how to heat and cool your home efficiently, and how to save on those costs, call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.