Fixing a Weak Toilet Flush

When you know there is a clog, you can understand why your toilet won’t properly flush. But what happens when there’s no clog and your toilet still won’t give a strong flush? Having to flush the toilet more than once to clear it isn’t just annoying, but it’s also inefficient. There are a couple things you need to check to fix a weak toilet flush.

First, you need to be certain that there isn’t a clog. Check for a clog by pouring a bucket of cold water into the toilet, and then flush. If the toilet still isn’t properly flushing, you could have a partial clog. Grabbing the plunger and trying to work out whatever may be down there is a simple remedy.

When you are certain there is not a clog, it is time to investigate for other possibilities. Open up the tank of your toilet and check the water level. Toilets flush by releasing the water from the tank into the bowl, and then the tank will fill back up to the amount. If the tank does not refill completely, you can adjust the float by moving its position on the arm that connects to the refill tube. Flush the toilet and see if that fixed the problem.

Maybe the tank is refilling, but not all the water is being released. This is where you need to look at the flapper on the bottom of the tank. When you depress the handle on the toilet, the lever will lift the flapper to release the water. If the flapper does not rise enough, or if it closes too quickly, there will not be enough water releasing for the best flush. You can adjust the flapper by repositioning it, or by adjusting the amount of slack on the chain or rod it connects to.

Following the flow of water from where it comes from to where it needs to go, the last place you should check is beneath the rim of the bowl. Water enters the bowl from several jet holes positioned around the upper rim, and if any of those are clogged or obstructed, and they affect the strength of the flush. This time, you need to grab your toilet brush and give the rim a good scrubbing to make sure all is clear.

Hopefully, you have found and fixed the problem by going through each of those steps, and your once weak toilet flush is at full strength. If not, you may need to have a professional plumber look to diagnose and resolve the issue. Call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing today at 616-293-9326 for more information.