Fall is the Best Time to Insulate Your Home

All throughout the year, you count on your home to protect you from the elements. In the hot summer, you want your home to stay cool, and in the cold winter, you want your home to stay warm. But if you keep losing heat this fall, even when you know your furnace is running properly, it could be an issue with your home insulation. 

You do not want to wait until your home’s temperature becomes unbearable. You could be constantly running your furnace, blasting your space heaters, or feeding the fire, but would still lose that heat at a constant rate.

Get ahead of Old Man Winter and use this time in the fall to make sure your house is properly insulated.

The primary reason you would want to insulate your home this fall is simple: you do not want to freeze. Your home is your shelter, your safe space, your castle. You and your family deserve to be comfortable in your own home.

Saving money is also high on that list of reasons to insulate your home in the fall. Regardless of the time of year you install the insulation, the cost will remain relatively the same. However, you will end up losing more through your energy bills by letting all that heat escape this winter. 

With the right insulation in your home, as soon as you turn up that thermostat you will feel more and more comfortable, and will also save more and more money. Better still in six more months when the temperatures outside rise, your new insulation will help keep you cool inside.

Take the initiative this fall to insulate your home before it’s too late. For more information on insulation and keeping your house warm this fall, call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.