Don’t Drown Your Plants; Save Water in Your Garden

Over watering your plants can put a strain on your garden, and it can also put a strain on your wallet. Using too much water this summer won’t just show on your lawn and garden, but you will see your wallet shrink. You can be more environmentally—and economically—friendly this summer with our water saving ideas.

To prevent yourself from over-watering, a simple solution is to use the right amount of water. How much is the right amount of water? That depends on the soil. Light, sandy soil needs more watering than a heavier soil. The plant also determines how much it needs watering, but the Farmer’s Almanac says that most plants need only two gallons every week.

When you know how much water plants and flowers need, then saving water can be easier by planting flowers that require less water. Lavender, palms, mimosas, and verbena are just four plants that don’t need water that often. 

You should also water at the right time. That means not just the right time of day, but also the right time for your plants. If the soil still looks damp, then your plants are doing just fine. If the soil is dry, then it is time to water. Wait for when it is cooler in the day to water too, because when you water in the evening you reduce evaporation.

Sprinklers are great for watering your lawn, but the intention is to cover a large area. Your typical hose-attached sprinkler might not target the specific sections of your garden that really need it. You can get right into the plants that need watering best with a hose or a watering can.

You can program an automated irrigation system to water at the right time, and, every day. Although these can save you plenty of time and effort, they are the most expensive option and may need selective programming during the warm times.

Using mulch in your garden can also drastically help your soil. A layer of mulch that is 2 or 3 inches deep will help the soil keep water and prevent evaporation during dry times.

Saving water—and saving money—can be easy this summer. For more helpful tips, call Sunrise Heating & Plumbing today at (616) 293-9326. By providing exceptional customer service, and our highly trained and experienced staff can handle any problem.