Does Your Garage Need a Heater?

If you use your garage for other reasons, such as a rec room or a spot for your hobbies, then you might find it difficult to use that space in the cold winter months. There is no reason that you should ignore that room for a good chunk of the year, but make that space more comfortable with a garage heater.

Most homeowners use their garages for only one or two things, like parking their car or for storage. But have you though of turning your garage into something more?

Using that area as a workspace has opened up many opportunities for you, like spending more time on a particular hobby or allowing you to do extra work on your cars. You absolutely may be comfortable when you spend your leisure time in your garage, and a proper heating system will allow that.

With limited space in your garage, you can limit the amount of heat you need to produce. A simple way to heat that area is with an electric space heater. Current models are energy efficient, and they do not require any extra ventilation to your garage. You can even find certain electric heaters to mount to the wall or ceiling if the floor space is not available.

A more powerful option, and more comfortable, is with a ductless mini-split system.  An air-handling installation is inside the room with an exterior compressor. Electricity powers the entire system and allows for great flexibility in placement.

When you use your garage as an additional room to your house, this is a great choice for heating. The costs can be higher than other options, but some units can also provide cooling in warmer months.

Either way, to keep your energy bills manageable and to keep in the heat, your garage will need better insulation. In a mild winter, you garage can stay comfortable with new insulation on the garage door and windows, and with weather stripping on the exterior doors. You may need to wear some extra layers, but you will have no ongoing costs by needing to run a heater.

Don’t let the outside temperature determine whether you can use your garage. With the right garage heater, that space can be comfortable all year round. For more information on heating your garage, call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing at (616) 293-9326. At Sunrise Heating and Plumbing, we pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.