Do Your Ducts Need Cleaning?

More and more homeowners are taking the indoor air quality of their homes seriously. On top of the list of benefits is the health of you and your family, and by keeping the air in your house clean, you can keep them healthy. As you work to keep the air you breathe the best it can be, you might start thinking if you need a duct cleaning.

While it might sound efficient, duct cleaning may not be necessary for your home. The Environmental Protection Agency has found little evidence that duct cleaning has prevented health problems. This is likely because much of the dirt in the air will adhere to ducts and not enter your living spaces. Also, your ducts are not the only way that particles or pollutants can enter your home.

Not that duct cleaning is never needed. There are situations where duct cleaning is not just recommended, but maybe even required. The biggest issue that would call for a cleaning of your ducts is when you find evidence of substantial mold growth.

It’s difficult to detect mold growth in your ducts because much of your system might not be easily visible. That, but in places that you can see, you should not jump straight to the conclusion that it is mold. To know for certain, have a professional technician investigate and assess the situation. If they discover signs of mold, they might recommend a full duct cleaning.

Another sign that requires duct cleaning is some infestation. Rodents or insects might make your ducts their new home, which could lead to not only more pests but also more health problems. Removing the pests will remove the threat.

Despite the EPA saying much of the dirt will end up sticking to your ducts, if there is an excessive amount of dirt and debris in your ducts, those particles will be much more likely to be dispersed throughout your home. If you are lucky, these problems can be fixed quickly, otherwise a duct cleaning won’t be enough, and could lead to a more expensive duct replacement.

The typical homeowner cannot make the call if their ducts need a thorough cleaning. But if you have any concerns about the situations unseen, call a professional before that potential problem gets worse.

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