Clean Your Home’s Windows and Screens Before Summer Hits

It is always a relief on a warm summer day to have that cool breeze blowing, allowing you to open up your home’s windows and to let in some fresh air. It’s also a relief on both your air conditioner and your wallet, letting you save on energy costs by letting mother nature do the work of cooling your house.

To take full advantage of those cooler days you should clean your home’s windows and screens, allowing the most air to enter and cool your house.

All you will need to clean your windows is a bottle of spray cleaner or a simple solution of water with a few drops of dish detergent. Scrub every window, inside and outside, and squeegee the excess water off to reduce streaks or water spots. Finish up by drying off your windows with a soft cloth.

The tougher task is to clear off the dirt from your screens that have built up over the years. First, you must completely remove the screen from the window.

Use a hose to give the screen a preliminary rinse, then use a nylon brush and the dish soap solution to scrub away the gunk.

Hose off the screen one more time and allow it to dry before reinstalling. Now with your newly cleaned windows and screens, you can relax and enjoy your home’s natural ventilation. The cool breeze will naturally ventilate your house by entering and exiting your windows, or what many call a “cross breeze.”

When wind hits your home, the air is forced through the windows, and a natural vacuum effect causes the air to be drawn out on the opposite side. Consider this method when you go to bed at night. Shut off the air conditioner, open the windows, and let the night air cool your house.

Then during the day while you are at work, you can keep giving the air conditioner a rest by shutting the windows and blinds, trapping the cooler air inside.

Reduce your energy costs this summer, and extend your air conditioner’s lifespan by giving it a break on milder summer days, or you can shop for a new, energy-efficient air conditioning system from Sunrise Heating and Plumbing in Greenville.