Checking and Changing a Furnace Filter

The air filter seems like just a tiny part of your entire HVAC system, but this one item does much more than you might think. Even the most basic air filter will keep your air clean, keep your appliances running efficiently, and also keep your energy bills down. One easy step can do all this, and that is to replace your furnace filter regularly.

Air filters are specifically designed to catch and trap dirt, dust and other airborne particles so they are not recirculated throughout your home. Not only that, but the air filter will stop that dirt, dust and debris from getting into your furnace, potentially damaging parts or the entire system itself.

Commonly, homeowners should replace their furnace filters twice a year, however, some home should do it more often. Some factors that affect the frequency of replacements include pets, excessive dust buildup, having your doors or windows open often, or if there are smokers in your house. Even if you do a routine check on your filter and see a lot of dust built up, replace it then instead of waiting.

The typical model is a disposable pleated paper filter, which will remove those small particles of dust, dirt and pollen from your home. A less expensive model is the disposable fiberglass filter, and a more expensive option is a reusable electrostatic filter.

Replacing the air filter is an inexpensive process that all homeowners should be able to take care of themselves. First, turn off the furnace and remove the service panel. Slide out the old filter and slide in the new filter. Turn the furnace back on and enjoy the benefits of cleaner air and a more efficient system.

Regularly replacing your furnace filter is a simple step in keeping your furnace running properly. However, if you need to replace it more often than normal, call a professional technician, such as the ones at Sunrise Heating and Plumbing. Call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing today at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.