Benefits of Screen Doors and Windows

Cooling your house without spending a ton of money sounds like a dream. The best air conditioning unit will cost a pretty penny, not to mention the added costs that go toward your energy bill. Fortunately, there is already a way you can efficiently cool your home, and odds are your home is already equipped.

With a screen door and screen window, you can allow great airflow through your home, while keeping out most pests and dust. The breeze of fresh air is a cool and refreshing feeling, so why not take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer?

You can open multiple windows or doors and still have protection from the outdoors thanks to your screens. The breeze won’t just cool your home, but it can also help ventilate it. Circulating air will eliminate odors or bacteria, leaving your home feeling, and smelling, cleaner.

Imagine a window without a screen protector. A gentle breeze could bring in dirt, dust, leaves, or other outdoors debris. Flies will come and go as they please, or ants can crawl up and in looking for food or shelter. A screen’s gridded mesh can help stop most of those nuisances. 

By smartly opening your windows at key points of the day, you can heat or cool your home without the need of your HVAC system kicking on. If you want a cooler house during the day, try to have the windows open at night. Want a warmer house at night? Have the windows open during the day. 

It is clear that homeowners love saving money, and creating a more energy efficient house is one way to earn that money back. But another benefit of installing a screen door, beyond its curb appeal, is the increase to your home’s value. You can find a screen door that matches your home’s exterior, but also a screen that will help protect your front door from wind-blown debris.

Increase your home’s circulation, energy efficiency, and value with the simple addition of a screen door and screen windows. For more information on installing or upgrading your screens, call Sunrise Heating and Plumbing at (616) 293-9326. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but exceptional customer service.